I think FlyBe are taking the piss…..

….having just forked out nigh on £250 to fly to the south of England, I am delighted to receive an email from FlyBe telling me that I can fly to Dublin or the Channel Islands for £25.

Pray tell, why can I fly to another island for a tenth of what it cost me to travel elsewhere in mainland UK?

It’s the same size plane, similar distance, the seat doesn’t have any fancy extras, such as an ejection button….

And, of course, the big con. For many people, bringing along a bag for the hold is the norm (and if you are disabled, you have no choice). But FlyBe have removed this option from their standard fare and amalgamated it with choosing your seat and the option to change your ticket. I can live without the latter two, but I need the former. This is just a con to justify charging extra extra for hold luggage.

Budget airlines don’t exist anymore so they should stop advertising themselves as such.


Am I talking out of my ass?

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