Free booze at universities

Apparently, Cambridge spent £3million on wine last year.

And, UCL?
“Almost £18,000 was spent on a farewell party for former University College London provost Sir Malcolm Grant, London Student reported on 16 September. About £2,000 went on 880 bottles of sparkling wine for the send-off on 19 June, although “pictures suggest the bottles far outnumbered the guests”, the paper observed. Another £260 was spent on 200 moustache-shaped cookies in honour of Sir Malcolm’s famous facial hair, with the overall biscuit spend totalling £563, according to figures obtained via a Freedom of Information request. The Abba tribute band Björn Again was paid £8,225 to entertain guests (though a private donor contributed £3,500). UCL students’ union officer Hannah Webb called the expenditure “ludicrous”, especially when cleaners “are still not being paid a living wage”. UCL said that all staff were invited to the event and that spending on food and drink equated to “less than £5 a head”.”
19th September 2013

My current university does not give staff money back that they’ve spent on alcohol for entertaining guests.

Too right.

There is absolutely no reason to provide alcohol at any staff event. Why should staff be getting wankered on someone else’s cheque book?

As a student, are you happy that your fees are going towards your professors having a piss up?

How many pineapple and cheese delicacies can be bought with a bottle of chateau vice chancellor (only senior staff) or Chardonnay Vineger (the rest of us plebs)?? Or books for the library? Or bursaries for working class students? Or a pay rise for the departmental secretary or cleaner?


Am I talking out of my ass?

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