Charities on your doorstep

I moved to a new area 18 months ago. I have taken to not answering my door. I have had an endless stream of charities knocking on my door since I moved in. I don’t have any particular issue with canvassing, but have you noticed how they will NOT take NO for an answer. And you’re trapped. At least on the Street you can walk away.

I’ve just had to cancel two direct debits that I didn’t really want to sign up to because I couldn’t afford them. I support a number of charities and had made a conscious decision that I would do no more. “But it’s only £10 a month’. Aye, for your one, but what about the others I’m doing? Despite saying no multiple times and that I couldn’t afford it I ended up signing up just to get rid of them. “you can always cancel at a later date’. I’m sure the charity thanks you for that, and all that does is justify your job.

This strong arm tactic is no better than the salesperson who cold calls and won’t take no for an answer. Charities run on the good wishes of the public and this behaviour stinks.


Am I talking out of my ass?

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