BBC’s The Plantagenet’s

“The Plantagenet’s” was hugely a enjoyable, if extremely condensed, series but I must take exception to the last two minutes of the final episode, when Professor Bartlett seemed to get “British” and “English” history a little muddled. While the Plantagenet’s were a hugely influential dynasty in English history, “Britain” did not exist, and they certainly had marginal influence in Scotland’s royal dynasty (bar Edward I). In fact, a case could be made for Scotland having had a hand in the founding of the post-Conquest royal dynasty when Matilda of Scotland married Henry I in order to give royal Wessex legitimacy to the new English royal family.

Looking a bit closer, James I/VI’s daughter Elizabeth Stuart married into the Hanover family in Palatine and, thus, is related to our current monarch. Of course, Elizabeth Stuart is also the potential source for porphyria which George III is suggested to have suffered from.

Not bad for a country of barbarians!

And for those, who are like me, who like to geek out on this type of thing, here is a link to the wiki page for how our current monarch descends from William I

PS, just in case you’ve mistaken me for a heathen (i.e, royalist), I’m a dye in the wool Republican


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