Parochial thinking

THE reports a study from University of Edinburgh that a ban on smoking in public places cuts premature births by 10%, and reduces hospitalisations for asthma in children.

It actually took me a few reads to understand what this was about.

At first I thought it was some kind of pilot study banning smoking in ALL public places, meaning anywhere outside. If that was the case, then it just encourages people to smoke inside their houses, which seems to be the opposite of what the government sponsored campaigns are saying.

Then I realised, they means pubs and cafes.

Given that most cafes and resteraunts haven’t let you smoke inside for years, this seems to be largely about pubs.

Which begs the question, what are pregnant women and children doing in pubs????

Everyone seems to get their knickers in a knot about smoking and ignore the massive impact on the individual and society of drinking. At least someone chain smoking isn’t going to bottle me in the face or knife me like someone who is wasted. A smoker isn’t going to find themselves arrested for mischief or violence by the police.

And when entertaining visiting colleagues with dinner, I don’t have to pay for their cigarettes unlike, as a non-drinker, for their four bottles of wine with a meal.

Only a minority of people smoke, but the majority drink. We are all well aware of the health and social implications of smoking and drinking, but smokers are persecuted for doing pretty much the same thing as drinkers. Except the smokers get clobbered with taxes and the drinker can get wankered on £3 of cheap cider.

All the arguments against smoking can be levelled against drinkers, the only difference is the politicians are largely non-smoking drinkers.


Am I talking out of my ass?

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