Shadow Health Secretary 1, BBC 0

BBC News 24 interviewed the Shadow Health Secretary about cigarette packaging. The BBC repeatedly asked her why when Labour where in government they didn’t address the issue of cigarette packing – think of all those little kiddies that have taken up smoking since that you could have stopped. Thanks for the melodrama BBC but, as usual, you are talking out your arse.

The evidence on cigarette packing wasn’t strong enough until 2011, therefore there was insufficient evidence to change policy. Any change in policy should be evidence based.

But, the BBC just don’t get the idea of evidence based decisions.

This is why you continuously see so called “professionals” being interviewed who give their personal opinion rather than an evidence based one.

Having complained to the BBC before about the latter, and interviewing people in a professional capacity who spout personal opinion usually based on personal experience, rather than evidence, this is not surprising. Letters in response from the BBC continually indicate that they just don’t get this. This is not a problem to the BBC. Even though they will admit that their “expert” is there in a professional capacity.

But, what do you expect from a media corporation who can spend weeks speculating wildly on a news story, interviewing other correspondents who also speculate, and when you think about it, not a single piece of hard evidence has actually been discussed.


Am I talking out of my ass?

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