NHS Ethics Boards

Dear NHS Ethics Board Member

You have rejected my application to conduct a research project that requires access to NHS patients, I mean service users, no, sorry CONSUMERS. Your only reason for doing so is that you are unsure whether it will be of benefit to the patient/service user/consumer. Ahem, three words: evidence-based practice. I know as clinicians the idea that the therapies you use should be based on a sound scientific basis is an alien concept, but I at least thought the token psychologist on your board might know better. However, given that I’ve never heard of her before I Googled her. It is good to know that your token psychologist’s publishing record consists of a letter, and a couple of papers written by her postdoctoral supervisor that are in such shit journals that Web of Knowledge doesn’t even list them. Oh, and pass on my congratulations on her winning the Best Undergraduate Project of 2000. I am certainly relieved to see she holds it in such high regard that she continues to list it on her CV.

Feel free to keep flogging the dead horse that is CBT and amending its name every few years with behavioural therapies that actually work. A turd is still a turd however you dress it up.

I will follow the principles laid out by the neo-liberals: when the public sector won’t bend over, go private.

Yours scathingly,
Flippin’ Nora


Am I talking out of my ass?

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